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World-Class Healthy Relationship Dating App

There is a reason why Veracity People, healthy relationship dating app is one of a kind. It’s not a dater’s fault that the current dating environment hasn’t worked for them. Current daters are being mismatch everyday.
Veracity People healthy relationship dating app. Advanced matching system is about giving the power back to daters. VP daters design their own dating algorithm. Whatever dating phase you are in. Whichever relationship style you desire. We actually want daters to succeed.


7 Critical Mistakes Online Daters Make!

And How To Avoid Them

Healthy Relationship

This is for all the people who have tried dating apps. That didn’t work. We actually want you to succeed.



Helping loving daters, create their own dating algorithm. Like the basic law of attraction goes “Like Attracts Like”


We try our best to minimize cat-fishing and ghosting. For a better dating environment.


We help empower daters, to match with their compatibility. Whatever phase of dating you’re in.

Open Communication

We are a dating app that embraces individualism. Including consensual non-monogamy and polyamory.

A Caring community

We support all relationship types. The only dating app that encourages people to find their people.

We Want You To Succeed

Veracity People


We respect our VP daters privacy. All our VP daters messages are end to end encrypted.


We pride ourselves in NOT collecting for resale any of our VP user information.


Our VP daters decide the direction, of their dating lifestyle & relationship type. The algorithm we use, is what VP daters have chosen.

Big Goals

We are passionate about trying to minimize loneliness and toxic relationships. We also wish to create a online dating world free of ghosting and cat-fishing.

It’s About Giving The Power Back To Daters

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