We know how scary, confusing and uncertain online dating can be. We are pleased to provide our secrets and tips in this ebook. Helping you gain a better understanding of the online dating world. We hope this ebook eases the anxiety and lessens the struggle that comes out of the experience, leaving you focused on a more rewarding outcome from your online dating adventure.

As a single mother myself entering the dating scene, the fear and struggles were real! Suddenly, so much of this alternate dating world had changed. The new norm contained so many foreign concepts, which I had to learn about the hard way. Falling into the pitfalls of the unexpected, like unsolicited D*&% pics! WTF?? No one told me that was a thing! And fwb, huh? Excuse my naivety, I didn’t know that was a thing, or that I was even allowed to have one of those!? I persevered, and I went through a lot. Thanks to my experiences I’ve now had the pleasure of assisting my friends, lost in their own, online dating journey. Providing them with alternative communication ideas.

Thanks to the support of family and friends, their guidance and love, Brads and I decided to make a difference and Veracity was born. For all those wanting to explore online dating, dabble in online dating or just doing it for fun! True connections come from the authenticity of being honest with yourself first. Then in this way, it will naturally flow when shared with others. It starts with us! ‘The People’. Be authentic, be honest, be yourself. Join us as we create a positive change in the culture of online dating. Encouraging a philosophy of honesty, nonjudgemental and kindness… Why?… because ‘We are worth it’!

Wishing you truth, love and happiness within the coming pages

Brads & Yivan


Sharing ones truth, in a loving caring way & receiving people’s truth in the same way
Be bold, be brave, be heard!


Accepting others for who they are. We don’t have to agree with it & we don’t have to understand it
We can however show each other, the respect we all deserve!


To be respectful, to be compassionate, to be there
Kindness is an experience we are all worthy of
Let’s be it, let’s do it, let’s receive it!