Hello, Gorgeous People Thank You for Visiting Veracity People

Thank you so much for visiting Veracity People

Veracity people is a dream in the making for its creator and instigator, Yivan.  With a deep desire to change the culture of the global online dating environments, Yivan teamed up with her friend Brad, together creating a dream that will bring people together in a love, love, love, kind, honesty and nonjudgemental environment.

Veracity people is a place to meet socialise and integrate with like-minded people, where ever or whoever they may be. Together we can all generate an environment that is significantly different from the current online dating environments that we will become a global torch bearer by which other dating environments can both look up to and strive to work at the level that veracity people will.

It is our wonderful followers that will enable veracity people to reach and touch the soul of all our members. Together our collective consciousness will generate a wave that envelops the world of online dating and changes forever the dating environment.

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